National Home Show is the No. 1 place to bring your reno dreams and questions

April 5, 2018

Inside the house, outside the house, between the walls and on the roof — all of these areas around your home are connected.

If the water stops working, it affects your bathroom, kitchen, backyard or laundry room, and that is only one thing that we cannot live without. When you think about it, there is an intricate system of tiny webs that build the network that is your home. Take those networks of homes and you have a community.

Building a community means careful planning, including access to schools, transit, parks and community centres. After all, a community is not just a cluster of structures, it is where we walk, play, and engage with our friends and neighbours. These connections reach beyond our home and community, and form the fabric of our cities.

How communities are built is not much different from how we build our homes. Rather than taking city parks, amenities or water mains into consideration, we think about appliances, closets and light fixtures in our residences.

The National Home Show, presented by RE/MAX, is the perfect place to see this inter-connectivity of home and community come together. You’ll find everything you will need to personalize your home, with more than 700 vendors on site at the Enercare Centre at Exhibition Place.

The National Home Show features a 2,660-square-foot Dream Home — the Angeline, by Bonneville Homes — that offers simple design concepts to create efficiencies for families. Whether it is seamless entry points between the kitchen and garage or multi-use kitchen islands, you’ll want to learn about integrating some of these ideas into your home.

If you are looking for some great décor inspiration, visit Design Intervention, presented by Reno & Décor Magazine, with interior designers and decorators on hand to offer one-on-one consultations, free advice and expert tricks.

If you are renovating, make sure you attend the Five Steps to a Successful Renovation seminar on the main stage on March 11, 13, 15 and 18. Two professional renovators from BILD’s RenoMark program will discuss the five essential steps to a home or condominium renovation, outline what you should know about permits and point out what to look for when hiring a renovator. Get the full schedule, as well as features and highlights at


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