China Glass 2017 - The 28th China Glass Expo 2017

May 1, 2017

About the trade fair in China

Organized by The Chinese Ceramic Society (CCS), China Glass 2017 - The 28th China Glass Expo 2017 will take place on May 24-27, 2017 at New China International Exhibition Center (NCIEC), Beijing, China.


China Glass 2017 will provide a platform showcasing Various Glass Products and Application, Various Production Lines and Machines for Float Flat Glass and Container Glass, Equipment for Processing Glass, Special Glass and Process Equipment, Solar Glass and Process Equipment, Refractories, Raw Materials and Subsidiary Materials.

Founded in 1945 under its present name, The Chinese Ceramic Society (CCS) was renamed to Chinese Silicate Society in 1956, and resumed its original name in 1991. Now, the Chinese Ceramic Society (CCS)  is an academic, non-profit-making corporate and social organization for professionals engaged in the science and technology of inorganic nonmetallic materials.


Exhibits Scope
(1) Various Glass Products and Application
Architectural and decoration glass; Fenestration and hardware fittings; automobile glass and industrial glass; hollow glassware and glass containers; electric lighting glass and special glass.


(2) Various Production Lines and Machines for Float Flat Glass and Container Glass
Batch weighing and mixing systems;furnace charging, melting, homogenizing, combustion, boosting, bubbling system and related technology; color/flint glass forehearth and annealing lehrs and decorating lehrs etc; various forming and cold-end processing equipment including flat glass washing, cutting, edging, beveling machines and inspection system; the I.S. machine for variety bottles and the glassware forming machines including gob feeder, pressing, blowing, burn-off, crack-off, rim toughing and rim polishing machines; quality inspection system and measurement, transportation and automatic control systems for raw materials, semi-finished and finished products; environmental protection and multi-purpose utilization.

(3) Equipment for Processing Glass
Various pre-processing machines for flat/ bending glass including cutting, grinding, beveling,polishing,drilling,engraving,washing/drying and auxiliary facilities and related tools; flat glass processing machinesincluding  tempering,  laminating, decorating, coating, insulating, mirror-making, sand-blasting and processing of doors and windows.

 (4) Special Glass and Process Equipment
TV glass; STN and TFT ultra thin glass substrate and their precision cuttingand bevelingmachines; low-E coated glass and its online coating machine; Pattern glass and wired glass and rolling machine with a wired feeder; self-cleaning glass, antibacterial glass, fire-proof glass, LED glass and related processing machines and technology.

(5) Solar Glass and Process Equipment
Photovoltaic glass and machines, solar PVB thin film for photovoltaic glass, PV module, photo-activie coating, vacuum laminator, roll laminator/autoclave system, vacuum bag/autolave, thin film cell technology, crystalline cell module technology, solar glass panel, measuring and testing technology/software.

(6) Refractories, Raw Materials and Subsidiary Materials
Various high-grade refractories including electrofused refractories, sintered refractories and silicon brick, a complete AZS brick, superstructure block, suspended wall system for doghouse feeder, curtain wall, thermocouple brick, repair blocks, waist, shadow walls, canal, tweels, flat arches, cover tiles, lift rolls, lehr rolls, spouts, orifice rings, plungers, fired alumino-silicate brick, port brick, tin bach brick and so on.



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