"Make your business one of a kind" -- Interview with Gavin Tian, Founder of Jade Displays International Corporation

July 15, 2016

In recent years, due to the rapid integration of global economy, there are more and more competitions between businesses. Many businesses are looking to increase their influence through various ways, and it is always a good choice to do so through exhibition, it can effectively promote a business' brand image and products. However, at a busy exhibition, how does a business make a long lasting impression on clients? How much benefit would a business get from becoming an exhibitor? Does the cost to construct exhibition booth really worth it? How do exhibitors master sales strategies at exhibition? How do businesses take advantage of the exhibition to spread their information? How to compete with powerful competitions on the same platform through planning? Let Mr. Gavin Tian, the founder of Jade Displays International Corporation explain to us below.



The exhibition booth design is the first business card from businesses

Exhibition booth is the soul of a successful exhibition, through a fine production and a nice aesthetic could be brought out to enhance the exhibition, the way a booth is constructed would be an outfit for the exhibiting business, it is also its first business card, showcasing its culture and strength, it is an important factor at an exhibition. Gavin has been working in the exhibition booth design and construction industry for almost 20 years, has said that, with the rapid integration of world economy right now, there are so many exhibitions, and so many kinds of exhibitions now. Not only we could get to see assortment of goods when attending exhibitions, but also all kinds of exhibition booths. That is also a scenery that could be found at exhibitions. For the booths with exquisite design, clients would always have a harder time to tear their eyes away. Therefore, professional construction is a must for exhibition booth. Good exhibition booth can help businesses to promote products, results in more benefits for the business, and let it has advantage in competition among the industry, the business will also do better in the long term. Exhibition booth that has unique characteristics could also show a company's image and culture, which would help to promote the business brand.


In the late 1990s, Gavin and his wife Amy founded Jade Displays International Corp. in Beijing, since then the company has been active within the international exhibition industry for as long as 18 years, and have served over 260 exhibitors from 26 countries and on 2,2000,000 m2 exhibition area in total.  According to Gavin, Jade Display International Corp. (Canada) has entered the North American market at the beginning of this year, and is also the only professional international exhibition booth company that is run by Chinese ethnic in the Canadian exhibition industry. Currently, the company provide professional service on being official contractor for international exhibition booths, construction for special booth design, construction for standard or variety of international exhibition booth designs, planning and organizing for large size events. After many years of development, Jade Displays has formed its distinctive design concept and characteristics, and has since turned into a exhibition service system that includes  exhibition display design,  business space design, branding and other exhibition service from all aspects. At the same time, with excellent and rigorous management operation system and strict standards of customer service process, the company is able to put itself at client's place and customize a perfect design plan and creative concept, professionals would communicate with clients thoroughly at the beginning phrase of designing, including discussion on feasibility, and finally come up with design plan that is practical, scientific, feasible and artistic, in order to meet or even surpass a client's need and aesthetic. For the design plan, from coming up concept to drafting, to delivering materials to decoration to final product assessment and etc, every step and every round is orderly and rigorous, Jade Displays strive to assure clients and let them apprehend every aspect of the process.



Creating an integrated trade and business platform by resource superiority


Located in Richmond Hills, while in the 5000 ft2 gallery at  Unit5-250 West Beaver Creek Road, Gavin told the reporter that, the idea for their people is to be good at communication, love to listen, and willing to share the company's experience with clients. They focus on every creative process, every production of details, every lighting effect, every application of materials, even if it is just a tiny screw, they still hope to precisely put it in the right spot. At the same time, in order to ensure the design has been implemented effectively, Jade Displays places high value on its ability to design and construct, there is a 3000 ft2 warehouse at the back of the office, the hardware facilities there are at the top standard within the industry, it has an installation system that could achieve modern standard of high efficiency, construction workers are being given professional skill training regularly, so design plans would receive a strong and thorough implementation.


On the superiority of their service, Gavin said that to customize a exhibition plan for different client, having an integrated business platform is the biggest superiority of Jade Displays. Other than providing extremely professional exhibition plan in traditional mode for their clients, the company is even more better to provide unique exhibition booth design construction service to clients. They would usually provide a few design templates to clients, and let them choose. The biggest advantage of tradition design template is that it takes less time to design, production cost is low and production time is also shorter. Whereas customize exhibition booth needs professionals to understand client's products and culture thoroughly, then combine those with the exhibition theme to create a design. The advantage is that it has comprehensive marketing, interactive, display functions, and correspond to clients' need, and quality is guaranteed. Therefore, the final result definitely can help exhibition to achieve the most benefit. Gavin said that, due to the increase of market demand, customized exhibition booth have been favoured by more and more exhibitors.




Seeking novelty and change is how a business will keep up with the times


Up until now, Jade Displays has came across many obstacle along its journey, but it has always fought on, the company never stopped seeking novelty and change, and stood by its service quality while continuously absorbing new experience, innovates, and develops a complete set of excellent management system and service model, sincerity can be felt through every detail of a project, and it wins every client's trust and approval, and become long time strategic partner with many well-known brands.


Facing the future, Gavin indicated that every employees of Jade Display International Exhibition Corp. (Canada) will gear towards the Canadian market with the "Jade spirit", Jade Displays will contribute their share in the Canadian exhibition industry with being the most diligent and provide the most professional service. As the global economy is integrating  and every country's economy keeps growing, the exhibition industry is facing development opportunities and challenges that it has never seen before, Jade Displays will unite with industry colleagues, keep advancing with the times, keep disciplining and strengthening itself, and altogether create a brilliant future for the industry.


"Do you want your business to be one of a kind?" "Do you want your business to make a long lasting impression on your clients?" "Do you want your business to obtain the maximum benefit from an exhibition?" "Do you want to master sales strategy at exhibition?" Let Jade Displays to make all these come true! Let Jade Displays to help you on the way to success!!




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