Café Show 2016 - Asia No.1 Coffee Event

July 13, 2016

On July 10th, 2016, the Café Show China (Beijing) at the Chinese International Exhibition Centre had a perfect closing, the 3 days long coffee show attracted about 60k attendees, nearly 20k professional spectators and clients, it was overwhelming.



This year's exhibition has showcased the coffee industry's products from all aspects, and created a diverse platform for exhibitors and attendees. For a professional coffee exhibition, there were  the participation of nearly 300 businesses, other than local exhibitors, it also attracted exhibitors from 20 countries and region such as South Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Czech, Italy, America, Australia.  The show not only has gotten approval from exhibitors and attendees, it also held many coffee competition and forum at the same time, many professional competitors have signed up for those.



The technicality of this year's coffee show has also gotten a lot of attention from exhibitors, in order to attract attendees, there were a lot of work being put into booth construction and decoration.



Jade Displays is a professional exhibition company that has been a leading force within the industry, it has accomplished a lot in the service and trade area. At this coffee show, we have constructed 4518 Original Wave exhibition booth, all by our professional skill and great attitude. The Original Wave exhibition booth has been highly praised by exhibitors, and has also been rated as the best looking booth by organizers, it has attracted many spectators, it surely deserves its best looking booth title.


Scenes of Construction by Jade Displays




Jade Displays' constructors in a discussion with project managers









The Exterior of Exhibition Booth


The professionalism and attentiveness from Jade Displays have received a lot of attention from organizers and exhibitors, many exhibitors have made contact with us and ask for cooperation, if you like our service, please feel free to contact us. We hope we could use our professionalism and efficient service to provide the best solution proposal for you. Tel: 1-905-771-0088, Fax: 86-10-65570466

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