The Coffee and Tea Exhibition at FHC China

July 1, 2016

The Tea and Coffee Exhibition provided international tea and coffee producers an ideal business platform, where China is the fastest growing market for tea and coffee. China's coffee consumption has doubled in the past 4 years. As a country where many thought would prefer tea traditionally, China's coffee consumption per capita is just 48kg, however,if the 1.3 billion population is accounted into the maths, this rate of consumption per capita would be deem much more attractive; especially if you consider this amount of consumption in China's big cities which contain huge populations, in urban areas, the 2.2kg consumption per capital has an average rate of growth that is more than 10%. In the past 15 years, this growth is continuously going up, you will soon realize the coffee market in China has an extraordinary large potential advantage and development scale.



Obviously, there is already a very mature tea production market and industry. We could go back to 5000 years ago, where China's tea leaf production is 35% of the total production in the world. This means that many international tea production companies are looking for foreignness of tea for the Chinese tea consumers.


At the coffee and tea exhibition, you could get a taste of tea from Sri Lanka, coffee from Italy and many more well-known coffee and tea from around the world, there would be new coffee machine, mixer sand etc at the exhibition too.


At the exhibition, many coffee related events would take place, including coffee master competition. Many world level coffee masters would be live and showcase their coffee brewing skills, and competing with Chinese coffee master.




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